About Us

The Beethan.com an online e-commerce platform for all who want to need a colorful and attractive design. We provide a variety of embroidered cloths, digital designs on cloths and cloths,self-woven cloths, cut works on cloths, shimmer cloths, borders, lace fabrics.

We can maintain each product’s quality and our all products are 100% authentic. Our collections are beautiful and creative in their simplest form.

Our fabrics are created with high specifications including dimensional stability, colorfastness, shrinkage control, and consistent dyeing.

We are working with highly qualified textile engineers and designers who are known this work better and with new creativity.

    Our mission :
  • Make a platform for brands to convert their ideas into products.
  • Make the clothing manufacturing experience seamless.
  • Empower the fashion community to innovate and prosper.
  • Make the clothing manufacturing experience seamless
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